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Grad Students & Post Docs


Graduate Students


Nigel's present lab includes: PhD student Paul Hong, who is studying aspects of body segment specification in trilobites, Master's students Douglas John, who is studying exceptionally preserved Silurian conulariids from Iowa, Ryan McKenzie, who is working on Himalayan Cambrian trilobites and biostratigraphy, and Autumn Thompson, who is working on spatial and temporal variation in Cincinnatian trilobites. Past PhD graduates of the lab include Mark Webster who worked on the phylogeny and evolution of early Cambrian olenelloid trilobites and is now on faculty at the University of Chicago, and Brenda Hunda is studied the taxonomy and paleobiology of Cincinnatian trilobites, and is now curator at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Master's graduates include Noel Heim who worked on Himalayan Cambrian trilboites and is now doing a PhD at the University of Georgia, Bryan Sell, who also worked on Himalayan faunas and is now doing a PhD at Syracuse University, and Andrew Simpson who worked on the morphometrics and morphology of early Ordovician cheirurid trilobites and their patterns of segmentation. Andy went on to the graduate program in the University of Chicago.



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